Understanding Homelessness


Hopefully none of you read the title of this post and thought “Looks like I’m off the hook!  No need to read this one.”  Even those of us who have wrestled with the topic, those of us who have looked into the eyes of a person on the street and had all of our theories and judgments melted into a puddle of complexity and questions, still struggle with how to love people in this kind of need.

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This blog entry certainly will not be an attempt at answering questions or even ask new ones.  It is simply an appeal from one confused friend to another.  It’s an appeal to learn more, to ask questions, and to not look away.

A great way to engage and to learn more is by attending a seminar that the Union Gospel Mission is offering on September 27.  It will be a three hour evening session to learn more surrounding the issues of homeless, as well as practical tips for how you can be involved in your daily life.

Who: You! and anyone else interested.

When: 6-9pm, September 27

Where: Blu Cafe in Shoreline

Why: To relieve fear surrounded with those different then us and provide some tools for engaging people who are experiencing homelessness. A successful course would end in stronger church engagement of their community.

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Johnny Valencia
September 7, 2011 2:40 pm

That sounds like a great event! Who took that picture BTW? It’s awesome.

It should be great. Sweet photo, right? No idea who took it. Found it on google images without photog credit.

Thanks for posting this Ryan. Knox Burnett is teaching that night and he is the best!!!

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