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John Messner: Limulunga Scholars:

I started the Limulunga Scholars after living for a year with Ave House buddy Dan Glanville in Limulunga, Zambia in 2008. I taught English and math at a free community school that educated vulnerable children, many of whom were orphaned from AIDS. The school ends at the 7th grade, leaving many children unable to continue their education as they can not afford to pay for fees, books, and uniforms required at state-run schools. Many would return to a bleak future back in the village with no possibility for a job or betterment. The Limulunga Scholars program is trying to fill the gap for students so that they can continue their education and complete high school. $70 a year pays for the fees, books, and supplies that each student needs for one year of school. In the past we have sponsored between 25 and 30 students a year through private donations and the help of Andrew Barfoot’s March Madness bracket fund. In 2011, we sponsored 26 students and look forward down the road to continuing to change the future for the poorest of the poor in┬áLimulunga Zambia.

A classroom environment in Limulunga Zambia

Students with educational supplies provided
by Limulunga Scholars