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There are many ways you can get involved with Vision 16: supporting the community in time, relationships, or financially.


Your most abundant resource might be time. If that’s the case, here are several ways you can get involved with the Vision community.

  • Share your story at one of the houses. Students love to hear from people a few years down the road and your story could be hugely encouraging to students who are wondering “What happens after college?”
  • You can also join the Vision in alumni activities such as sports games, community dinners, or other get togethers
  • Host students for dinner at your house. Students love a home cooked meal and getting to know alumni.
  • Get creative! Think of ways that you could share life with current Vision 16 students.


Small groups recently received a bit of a facelift: each group now has two mentors, one “young” and one “old.” We made this changing hoping to increase the quality of small groups and get more people involved. This means we now need twice as many mentors as we’ve historically needed! As you may remember, the small groups of 6-7 students meet once per week for an hour and a half. Each year the small groups study one of the gospels while also engaging deeply in each others’ lives.


Many of you have demanding jobs and lives leaving you with not much time but with disposable income. Your financial involvement will be a great blessing on the Vision 16 community. Our hope is to have Vision 16 become an increasingly diverse community, full of people from different walks of life, varying races and the gamut of socio-economic standing. Your funds will go toward housing sponsorship and event scholarship. We hope that money would not be the deciding factor for living in Vision housing. Go to the Why Give? page for more information. You can donate online or by check to:

P.O. Box 85838
Seattle, WA 98145